Latex CV

Time to get the new resume using Latex

  1. Install MikTex
  2. Install Strawberry Perl
  3. Launch MikTex Console > Perform update now
  4. Install latexmk
  5. Launch Visual Studio Code, Install Latex Workshop
  6. Install Additional Font Package

Setup OSRM on Ubuntu

Setup OSRM on Ubuntu

Google Map API is very expensive when you want to do some route tracking for fleet management.

OSRM is an open source solution for this issue, when you want to calculate the distance by car, walk and how long it takes to reach destination.

Getting Start how to setup on the Linux Ubuntu.

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Python is an interpreted high-level programming language for general-purpose programming. It can be downloaded from Anaconda which gives a nice IDE Spyder and a Jupyter notebook. Python is also very useful for Data Science with its rich libraries for

  • Data Manipulation (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas)
  • Machine Learning (Scikit-Learn)
  • Visualization (matplotlib, Seaborn, Plotly)
  • Deep Learning (Keras, TensorFlow).

Useful Resources
1) Python Data Science Handbook, github
2) Python for Data Science for Dummies
3) Practical Machine Learning with Python
4) Mastering Machine Learning with Python in Six Steps
4) Mastering Machine Learning with scikit-learn
5) Mastering Pandas

Cheat Sheets
1) Python Basics
2) Pandas Basics
3) Pandas Advanced
4) NumPy Basics
5) SciPy – Linear Algebra
6) Importing Data
7) Matplotlib
8) Seaborn
9) Bokeh
10) Data Wrangling
11) Jupyter Notebook
12) Scikit-Learn

Useful Tips
1) Python for Data Analysis
2) NumPy Tutorial Part 1: Introduction to Arrays
3) NumPy Tutorial Part 2: Vital functions for Data Analysis
4) Select Pandas Dataframes Columns and Rows using loc and iloc
5) Merging Pandas Dataframes
6) Summarising, Aggregating, and Grouping data in Python Pandas
7) How to rewrite SQL Queries in Pandas
8) Principal Component Analysis (PCA) using Python

Backup Database Script

USE master;

DECLARE @databaseName VARCHAR(256),
		@path VARCHAR(256),
		@date VARCHAR(50),
		@disk VARCHAR(256);

SET @databaseName = 'Singapore';
SET @path = 'C:\Office\Database\backup\';

SELECT @disk = @path + @databaseName + '_' + @date + '.bak';

BACKUP DATABASE @databaseName TO DISK = @disk

PS – Huge Log File

When the log is getting huge, it not a recommend to open into any text editor. most of text editor will not responding or crash because of log file was too big.

Get-Content "{file} | Select -First 10

Get-Content "{file} | Select-String -Pattern "{Pattern}"