Ubuntu Edge

Ubuntu Edge is smartphone that run Android and Ubuntu OS. Is this smartphone a threat to other Apple, Google, Microsoft & Blackberry?

Currently Ubuntu Edge running campaign at indiegogo backed by Bloomberg & LastPass, from the trend of the crowd funding, i see this hardware is going to fail to reach their goal.
– Each Ubuntu Edge is cost US$ 695 and will ship around May 2014 (That not the way people sell smartphone) people more likely to go to the Phone Store or Telecom provider to get their phone
– Raising 32.000.000 (That a huge goal) 11 days to go not even reach 10.000.000

The concept of dual OS is pretty interesting, and there’s probably a room for this phone but not in the big scale. Ubuntu OS is still used by a small number of users. MSFT is having Surface RT & Surface Pro With “Win OS 8.0” & Upcoming version “Win OS 8.1” (Tablet Form + Desktop OS) which have several issues (battery, heat) people will probably will wait for several  years a head after this several issues solve one by one.


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