What Next Microsoft

Slow sales, that cut the Microsoft stock price for 11% on Jul 18, 2013, what is the next on microsoft.

Recently there are more and more MSFT release the ads anti-iPad for their hardware Surface vs iPad, If you looks into the first years of MSFT surface it’s not bad for the first year of sales, It’s a hybrid tablet & PC for their Surface Pro, I believe with the right move in price tag, features and promise in their Road Map microsoft make more sense to dominate again (people like choices and more features).

Wishlist of Upcoming Surface 2
– Improve the battery life (4 hrs it’s to short) improve from HW & SW to bring significant battery life
– More reasonable price tag on Pro
– More Space (SSD is getting cheap every year)
Phone is an interesting market, Apple still the king of revenue and Android is the biggest market share, Win Phone become no. 3 biggest mobile operating system as report by IDC in Aug 7, 2013 as report in this article with 77.6% YOY Changes.
From developer perspective, recently they make a lot of enhancement and very aggressive releasing the VS 2013 in just 9 mths with 5k new APIs for Win 8.1. Reduce the heavy price tag on Ultimate IDE. For the cloud platform Azure 50% of Fortune 500 using Win Azure in Jun 14, 2013 as report in this article.


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