MVVM Pattern

When you build the MVC project you might wish to send the data as min to the browser, and let the browser help rendering the view for you.

The early stage i’m trying to binding the JSON data using jQuery, as the times goes when you create couple pages. this process is getting irritating since it’s keep repeating.

$.each(json, function (i, item)
                html += "<tr>"
                     + "<td><input type='checkbox' id='" + item.Id + "' class='checkboxGroups'></input></td>"
                     + "<td>" + item.LogLevel + "</td>"
                     + "<td>" + item.ShortMessage + "</td>"
                     + "<td>" + toReadableDateTime(item.CreatedOn) + "</td>"
                     + "<td><a href='View/" + item.Id + "'>View</a></td>"
                     + "</tr>";

The better solution is to use any MVVM pattern to help you binding all the JSON object into the webpages, most of the process you need to do 2 things.
1. Bind Data in the HTML

tbody id="tbody" data-bind="foreach: log">
                            <td><input type="checkbox" data-bind="attr: { 'id': Id, 'class': 'checkboxGroups' }" /></td>
                            <td data-bind="text: LogLevel"></td>
                            <td data-bind="text: ShortMessage"></td>
                            <td data-bind="text: toReadableDateTime(CreatedOn)"></td>
                            <td><a data-bind="attr: { 'href': 'View/' + Id }">View</a></td>

2. Apply Bindings

var viewModel = {
        log: ko.observableArray([]) //Create the Observable View Model
    ko.applyBindings(viewModel); //Apply Binding

$.ajax(options).done(function(json) {
            viewModel.log(json.Data); //Putting into the viewModel
            //Paging(json.PageSize, json.Total, json.PageIndex);

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