Schedule Auto Restart Vidalia

When we run the vidalia tor network and let it run 24/7, it will consume a huge memory.

If we look into below printscreen it took 1.2GB of the RAM. In here we want to make it auto schedule to restart it.
Vidalia Use Huge Memory
Creating PowerShell File

#This is to auto restart the Vidalia
$process = Get-Process vidalia -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

if ($process) {
taskkill /t /f /im vidalia.exe

$defaultVidaliaInstallation = "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vidalia Bundle\Vidalia\vidalia.exe"

Start-Process $defaultVidaliaInstallation

Enable Schedule
Open Task Schedule > Create Task
Given Name: Restart 3rd Party
Given Desc: Auto restart 3rd Party Tools

Vidalia Auto Restart 1

Set the Triggers Tab, Select New
Vidalia Auto Restart 2

Set Action

Program/script: PowerShell

Add arguments (optional): .\[FileName]

Start in (optional): [Folder of the powershell]

Vidalia Auto Restart 3


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