Win 10 Includes Linux Style Package Manager

In the previous post, I’m using chocolatey to install all my apps, when reformat my windows. I just notices in Win 10 powershell is includes package manager build-in out of box, Thanks MSFT. Continue reading



You able to install the apps by using command line. an alternatives apt-get for windows.

#Install Chocolatey this is the best way to install the packages
iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(''))

#Install 7zip
choco install 7zip.install

#Install Notepad++
choco install notepadplusplus

#Install Git Client
choco install sourcetree

#Install Chrome Browser
choco install google-chrome-x64 

#Install Fiddler
choco install fiddler4

#Install Flux
choco install f.lux