Build HTML 5 Storm web monitoring project for PUB Singapore & Marina Barrage.

The project it used to monitor the rain, monitor the level of reservoir and sea water level and propose the strategy to open or close the gate, sluice or pumps in marina barrage

Working on the Nose project (Smell related IoT Monitoring System)

Skills: C#, SQL Server, Angular, Entity Framework, Web API, Typescript.

Source Control: TFS, Git


Lottery Product & RSlot

Building lottery platform from idea to production, such as

Keno, iLotto, Soccer Lottery, Mark6, 4D Malaysia, 4D Vietnam, Happy Lotto, Live Streaming Lottery, Tambola.

Building Online RSlot from API to Back Office, such as God Of Fortune, Fruitilicious, Underwater World, etc.

Product Product2

Lottery Mobile

Building the first cross platform mobile apps for the company.
The apps is able to run on iOS & Android.
The apps is using HTML5 & Typescript.

Lottery Wallet

Lottery Wallet is REST API, it used by all internal lottery product.

Back Office

Each of the system (Lottery, Slot, Credit System), it must have a back office, this is used for the managing the admin, user, game configuration and reporting.

Skills: .Net Framework, C#, VB.NET, TypeScript, SQL Server, JQuery, Knockout.js, Socket, SignalR, Entity Framework, Powershell, Redis, Visual Studio, Twitter Bootstrap

Source Control: SVN, TFS, Git

Server: Windows Server, Azure


CI Server:

CI is used as a best practice to continue develop and deploy the apps automatically.

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.28.16 pmScreen Shot 2015-07-04 at 6.26.34 pm

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 6.19.15 pm


Inventory Tracking System

In-house inventory system, is used to track the repairing hardware and the component that been used to repair it.



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